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Buy Bitcoin with Western Union.


How Can You Buy Bitcoins with Western Union at GoldXCash ?
Step 1. Fill in the form placed below. Choose the amount of bitcoins you want to buy, type your e-mail, bitcoin address and submit it to proceed to the next easy step of your conversion order.

Step 2. Here you will find the contact information for sending the money transfer (you will need to enter these details on Western Union's website). Check your order details and click on "Continue to the Western Union website" to complete the payment.

With Western Union you have two main options for making a money transfer:
1. Sending a money transfer using a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card.
2. Sending a physical money transfer at any of the Western Union's branches.

Choose "Money in minutes" service.
Choose "Cash at an agent location" as the method the receiving side will get the funds.
Choose USD as the currency the receiver side will get.

Step 3. After you've completed the money transfer you will receive a reference number (MTCN number). To complete your order, return to the page on Step 2.
Here you will enter the reference number you will receive after you've sent the money transfer as well as your personal details, the exact amount sent. After you've entered your reference number we will start working or verifying your payment. This process takes up to 1 hour, during working hours it can take only a few minutes.

Step 4. Once we've verified your payment we will send you the purchased coins to your wallet!
Please note that we do not cover any handling fees and/or exchange rate costs taken by Western Union for the transfer, these fees need to be included in your total.

Buy Bitcoin with Western Union at GoldXCash now -
no delays, no hassles!

Exchange limit: min 0.0798 BTC, max 0.67 BTC.

Exchange Rate: BTC/USD- 7515.28, BTC/EUR- 6791.77, BTC/GBP-5721.14

Exchange operation is processed within 1 hour or less.



(Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.)

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